At a time when the need for education of the children of the masses and for school for the purpose was very keenly felt a band of social thinkers and leaders of community in the Cantonment, where education was confined to a few missionary schools conducted by philanthropic persons from Christian and Parsi communities, came together and established Camp Education Society, in Pune Camp, in the year 1885. Among them prominently the late Shri. Rajanna Lingoo Polas, the late Shri. Balkrishna Sayanna Motadoo, the late Gangarambhau Mhaske and the late Shri. Lokhande took active part and started a Marathi Primary School in the Camp. The efforts of these leading men were blessed by the great social leader the Late. Mr. Phule. A tiny, fragile, attractive and fascinating branches under the shade of which thousands of boys and girls are receiving drops of nectar of good education day after day.

In order to ensure education of the girls in this area adequately, a separate building a project of putting up a three stored building was planned in 1962 and in the diamond jubilee year of the Society in 1965 the girls Section, ‘Kanaya Shala’ was started in the new imposing 3 storeyed building which was inaugurated under the President ship of the Late Yeshwantraoji Chavan.

Founder’s of Camp Education Society